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Court Case to be heard in Sydney

We are pleased to announce the imminent start of an action between PTTEP (Oil and Gas Company) and 20,000 Indonesian plaintiffs, sea weed farmers in Nusa Tengara Tiimor, that is due to begin shortly.

In 2009 an oil well blew out in waters off of North Western Australia.

Back Story:

Operators lost control of a drilling rig it had blown and millions of gallons of crude were venting into the ocean unchecked. The size and potential effect of this was understated publicly, citing the remote location of the rig, and minimalizing the effect to life. It was due to pass out of view fairly quickly.

Our long-term involvement with the waters and islands of Eastern Indonesia assisted us in bringing attention of the potential environmental outcomes to this pristine ocean environment We started a campaign to bring attention to the unfolding disaster with an ongoing series of emails to politicians, the ABC and other media sources as well as the company responsible.

Some ten years later a court case is about to begin between PTTEP and 20,000 Indonesian seaweed farmers.

Whatever the outcome, this is a watershed moment, the first case of its kind, heralding a new era in environmental stewardship and co-operation between nations.

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Subject: Ongoing report : Oil Spill reaches Rote Island - Monday 18th October 2009

Att: PTTEP Perth WA.

Dear ……

Just a quick heads up to advise you that the oil spill has just started to reach the island of Rote, it's slightly off shore this morning a few hundred yards out and is a yellowish foamy consistency as
reported to us earlier today. We will be able to provide you with photos later in the week. Our team will also try and bring a bottle of the water back for analysis.

More to follow