Vision and Mission

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for Indonesian citizens in need through education and health programs.

Background and Base Strategy

As we adapt to the ongoing litany of disasters in Indonesia, we are focusing our activities in order to bring educational tools and practical methods of developing sustainable futures to those in need. We hope to achieve this by empowering local communities, assisting them to more directly control the basic elements of their lives.

The urgent need is to assist in upgrading primary community health clinics, educational facilities and developing sources of clean water.

The first Bali bombing, the Tsunami in Aceh and the earth quake in Java, brought into focus real issues affecting the distribution of aid to the Indonesian people.

Those on the ground in Aceh, Bali and Jogyakarta have experienced the practical problems of insinuating aid to those in the greatest need.

We all acknowledge that the best intentions do not always ensure the desired outcomes.

We believe that the cornerstone to success in this endeavor involves a credible foundation that has a dedicated group of people functioning with a shared vision based on long term experience of Indonesian traditions and social structure.

Yayasan MUM is an effective foundation and vehicle to circumvent traditional problems in aid deliverance and ensure transparent accounting practices by its hands on attitude to relief work.